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Reverse Mortgage Survivability 

Harold Evensky, Professor- Texas Tech University  Monte Carlo Studies - Reverse Mortgage - Survivability  It has come to my attention that a lot of financial planners missed the ground-breaking study regarding reverse mortgages that was published in the Journal of Financial Planning a few years ago.   The study [...]

Reverse Mortgage Survivability 2019-08-16T07:50:31-07:00

Mortgage Loans at a Glance

You’re probably looking into buying a home, if not you wouldn’t be here! It can be pretty overwhelming trying to navigate through all of your options. Not every loan works for every person, so here are five common loans for you to get an idea of what might work [...]

Mortgage Loans at a Glance2019-08-16T07:50:08-07:00

To Refinance or Not to Refinance

If you’re unsure whether or not refinancing would make sense for you to do, keep reading. Many people think that refinancing isn’t necessary since they already have low mortgage rates; however, refinancing is not just about lowering your rates. There are several benefits in refinancing for homeowners everywhere. Refinancing [...]

To Refinance or Not to Refinance2019-12-05T01:55:22-08:00

Mortgage Planning Tips

Mortgage Planning Credit Tips to Get a Lower Rate In a mortgage lender’s eyes, a good credit score translates into lower interest rates for home-shopping clients. The higher your score is, the less risk you represent to the lender, because it is more likely you will pay off your [...]

Mortgage Planning Tips2019-08-04T14:53:13-07:00

The Benefits of a Professional Consultant

Choosing a skilled and experienced lender is important when it comes to choosing the right loan program when you are buying a home. But it’s even more important when it comes to managing your mortgage over time. A professional consultant won’t just provide a loan, they will help you [...]

The Benefits of a Professional Consultant2019-08-04T14:52:56-07:00

What Are Points and When Should You Pay Them?

Points are up-front fees paid by you in order to obtain a better interest rate on a loan. One point equals one percent of the loan amount. (So, 1 point on a $300,000 loan would cost $3,000.) And while a lower interest rate may result in a lower monthly [...]

What Are Points and When Should You Pay Them?2019-08-04T14:52:50-07:00

Worried About Credit?

Stop Worrying and Learn How it Can Affect Your Mortgage Options Are you worried about your credit history? Just about everyone has something in their past credit that is less than perfect. The most important thing is to learn what is on your report, find out what impact that information [...]

Worried About Credit?2019-08-04T14:52:44-07:00

What is the Difference Between a Broker, a Bank, and a Mortgage Banker?

As you may know, I was a mortgage broker for many years until I became a Mortgage Banker (correspondent lender) in 2009. I made the change because it was better for my clients -- it made it possible for me to get their loans approved & closed faster, with [...]

What is the Difference Between a Broker, a Bank, and a Mortgage Banker?2019-08-04T14:52:24-07:00

Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership

Should you rent or own? It’s an important question, and financial experts would agree that you should take the time to consider the pros and cons, based on your unique situation. The rewards of home ownership can be significant. Purchasing real estate has been a solid investment for many [...]

Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership2019-08-04T14:52:14-07:00