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FHA Loans: What Are They and Who Are They For?

The Federal Housing Agency is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and an FHA loan is a mortgage loan, insured by the FHA, and issued by an FHA-approved lender. But where did the FHA get its start and who do they apply to? Let’s first take [...]

FHA Loans: What Are They and Who Are They For?2020-02-04T08:11:16-08:00

The Top MYTHS And MISUNDERSTANDING of Reverse Mortgages

Why is there so much anxiety and so many concerns voiced about reverse mortgages from friends, relatives, and the media? It is very simple. In the beginning, before HUD and FHA were involved in the program, some private reverse mortgages had fraud problems that hurt some retirees. The program is [...]

The Top MYTHS And MISUNDERSTANDING of Reverse Mortgages2019-09-27T08:21:53-07:00

Safe and Secure

Just a quick note to let you know how I can help you or anyone you might refer to me.  Recently I received a call from Bob, a gentleman who wanted to purchase a condo for his adult daughter. She did not qualify on her own because of her low [...]

Safe and Secure2019-09-06T17:09:40-07:00

Advantages of Using a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit

Your financial advisor may encourage you to have a line of credit for unexpected (or planned) purchases or shortfalls in cash flow. However, a HECM reverse mortgage has a clear-cut advantage over the traditional credit line, in that it has a growth option (growth applies to unused funds).  While [...]

Advantages of Using a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit2020-07-31T10:10:23-07:00

Bi-weekly Payments?

I had a client the other day who received an advertisement in the mail that looked like it came from my office, but it turned out that it was marketing material from an out of state company!   I am very glad our client called us about it. The question [...]

Bi-weekly Payments?2019-09-06T17:09:56-07:00


It can be really confusing seeing all the advertisement on refinancing, and perhaps many people wonder if it would make sense.  A lot of people have low mortgage rates, however, refinancing is not just about lowering your mortgage rate. Refinancing to plan ahead for your next home, or to [...]

Refinancing 2019-08-16T07:50:59-07:00

Reverse Mortgage Survivability 

Harold Evensky, Professor- Texas Tech University  Monte Carlo Studies - Reverse Mortgage - Survivability  It has come to my attention that a lot of financial planners missed the ground-breaking study regarding reverse mortgages that was published in the Journal of Financial Planning a few years ago.   The study [...]

Reverse Mortgage Survivability 2020-07-31T10:11:55-07:00

Mortgage Loans at a Glance

You’re probably looking into buying a home, if not you wouldn’t be here! It can be pretty overwhelming trying to navigate through all of your options. Not every loan works for every person, so here are five common loans for you to get an idea of what might work [...]

Mortgage Loans at a Glance2019-08-16T07:50:08-07:00

To Refinance or Not to Refinance

If you’re unsure whether or not refinancing would make sense for you to do, keep reading. Many people think that refinancing isn’t necessary since they already have low mortgage rates; however, refinancing is not just about lowering your rates. There are several benefits in refinancing for homeowners everywhere. Refinancing [...]

To Refinance or Not to Refinance2019-12-05T01:55:22-08:00

Mortgage Planning Tips

Mortgage Planning Credit Tips to Get a Lower Rate In a mortgage lender’s eyes, a good credit score translates into lower interest rates for home-shopping clients. The higher your score is, the less risk you represent to the lender, because it is more likely you will pay off your [...]

Mortgage Planning Tips2019-08-04T14:53:13-07:00