Reverse Mortgages

One way to be able to enjoy “The Golden Years” has many seniors reaching for their phones. Reverse mortgages continue to grow in popularity, as seniors and their families find the use of it can be an advantage for all involved. Once the reverse mortgage details are understood, family members are relieved and happy to know that their parents have a solution to help them live more independently and financially secure, in their retirement years.

Qualifying is surprisingly easy in a reverse mortgage. To qualify, a borrower must be 62 years old, and there must be sufficient equity in the home. No credit or income is needed to qualify!



What Reverse Mortgage Clients Say

We got in touch with Marie Bjornson after receiving her mailing, she was the only one who called us back.
We were at a critical point in our lives. We had lost about 2/3 of our income, and had become behind on our mortgage payments, property taxes, and car pmt. We were about 4 months from "the streets".
Marie looked into seeing what could be done and got the ball rolling for our reverse mortgage. She was on top of everything, talked to the different people that we needed; kept us up to date, was always there if we had any question, explained every thing well. Marie went way beyond what you would expect an agent to do. She pulled out all the stops. Marie is the kind of person that you would want to do business with again, and recommend to everyone.
She reminds us of the kind person that people used to do business with about 50 or 60 years ago, that was local, and not this big corporation.
Now we are done and many thanks to Marie!

-Lloyd and Virginia M.

Ferndale, WA

I could feel their vast experience with the finance process. I felt like I was putting my life in their hands, and it turned out to be the right choice! I will remember them as my dream team!

-Nonnie K.

Retired, Bellingham, WA

Aside from helping us with reviewing our financial picture and making excellent suggestions, Marie showed us that she takes her job of helping people very seriously.
She was helpful, not pushy, caring and patient. Marie is good at taking, what seemed to us to be a complicated process, explaining it in simple terms, and making it a pleasurable, relaxed experience. I now count Marie, as not only my Mortgage Advisor, but also a friend that I would not hesitate to do business with again, and refer my friends and family.

-Dean and Sue B.

Port Orchard, Washington


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