Marie Bjornson, CPA, Mortgage Banker | NMLS#111765 |  Located in Bellingham, WA  across from the Old Whatcom Museum. Servicing all of Washington State.

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Marie Bjornson,  Branch Manager, is a Mortgage Banker in Bellingham, WA.  Her team provides Mortgage Home Loans for Bellingham Real Estate throughout Whatcom County, and all of Washington State.

Our job is to help you gain the house you love – with financing you can afford. As an experienced, licensed mortgage banker and CPA, I know how to simplify the maze of real estate rates, fees, and tax deductions that complicate buying a home. I streamline the process for you, making sure you’re set up in the program that’s best for you, and closing the loan on time.

My business is 99% referral-based-which means I make my clients happy! Former clients report they are delighted with the results of their loan experience and refer me to their friends and family. See my client testimonials.

For Pre-Qualification or Consultation, call (360) 676-9600 or 1-866-733-9600.
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Visit our office at 112 Prospect St. across from the Old Whatcom Museum    (old city hall brick building)
Open weekdays 10:30am to 5:00pm

Whatcom Museum  


We Specialize In:

  • Obtaining the most ideal loans for the client out of a wide pool of wholesale banks and lenders, at no extra charge.
  • Ensuring loans are “locked” in a timely manner, avoiding higher interest rates.
  • Obtaining successful financing so that the client does not risk losing a house due to last-minute loss of financing (a common occurrence).
  • Obtaining the most ideal program for the client, which takes advantage of tax benefits and the most ideal interest rates.
  • Can do a credit evaluation, in order to optimize future scores.

Advantages of Owning Your Own Home:

  • Great tax deductions for property taxes, insurance, and mortgage interest
  • Excellent investment for the future and retirement
  • Personal pride from owning your own home
  • Your hard-earned money contributes toward an appreciating asset, rather than being waste on rent**

    *This advertisement does not constitute tax or financial advice. You should consult a tax and/or financial expert for your specific situation.     **This is not a guarantee that real estate will appreciate; there is always the possibility that real estate values may depreciate in value. You should consult a real estate expert for your specific situation.

Loan Programs:

Loan Officers providing:  Conventional and FHA Home Loans, VA Home Loans, USDA Home Loans, Reverse Mortgage, First -time Homebuyers, Investor Loans.  Down Payment Assistance, Grant and Low to No Down Payment programs

Washington State:  Purchase ~ Refinance

Obtaining a real estate loan can be confusing. What paperwork do you need to file? How can you get the best rate with the lowest fees? How can you afford the home you want?


It’s time we took care of you.




What People are Saying

I refer all of my clients exclusively to Marie

I have known Marie Bjornson for the past few years in my capacity as a real estate agent. I have referred many clients to her and vice-versa.
I have been in this business for over 30 years, and have never had a lender stand out as Marie has.
I mainly work with investor clients. I refer all of my clients exclusively to Marie, as I am so confident in her ability to come through. Marie always goes out of her way to think outside the box to help clients meet their financing needs, where they would not have otherwise been able to. She not only fits them into great loan programs and communicates well, but has gone over and above for clients in multiple ways. Marie analyzes the clients’ needs, and easily builds trust with them, in the capacity as a consultant. She recently started a landlord coaching niche for our current and past clients, that she brought me into. This has expanded both of our businesses.
I feel Marie’s motivation, integrity, and resourcefulness makes her successful at whatever she puts her mind to.

-Peter Fraser, Real Estate Agent, Holzer Realty

From a Realtor

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!
I wanted to share with you a story.
I had a client who had found a house they really wanted to buy and so we proceeded to put a offer in on the home, the client was pre-approved with a lender so everything look good and ready to go.
Now lets jump ahead client gets inspection, lender orders appraisal everything is done on everyone Else’s end except for the lender…
The client, myself and the listing agent put in several calls, text and emails and the lender still kept saying they are working on it.
One extension goes by, second extension goes by,  the lender asked client for some documents that they had sent her 6 times and had the documentation to prove it.
Now mind you this was not a short sale, not a foreclosure just a good old fashion resale (yeah we all appreciate those)  Lol so as you can imagine the seller is ready to pull out because they had been waiting patiently for two months trying to work with the buyer.
On top of this the lender was related to the client by marriage oh what a scenario this was becoming!
Finally I suggested to the seller to call Marie Bjornson of Fairway Mortgage who I work with on the all of my deals unless client has another lender but Marie was really about to wow me!
Seriously guys Marie got the docs and in a week and half from start to finish the client was signing closing docs!
I can’t express enough how on top of it this lady is!  She is very professional, is always readily available, keeps you updated on the status, her communication is excellent and to add to it one of the nicest persons I have worked with.
She is really at the head of the Mortgage game which we all know can be our clients worse enemies.
Even if you have a lender who you work with try her just once and you will really see the difference between her and others just a true diamond in the rough and just a real joy to work with.

-Charlene Little, RE Agent, Best Choice Realty

Truly care about your success

There are not enough good things I can say about Marie and her team!  They are beyond knowledgeable, they keep you well informed they think out of the box to ensure you are getting everything you need, but most importantly they truly care about your success!  We enjoyed working with Marie and her team and will return to Marie in heart beat for any Mortgage/refi needs we ever need again!
Thank you Marie!

-Ryan T., Bellingham, WA