Marie Bjornson, CPA, Mortgage Banker | NMLS#111765 |  Located in Bellingham, WA  across from the Old Whatcom Museum. Servicing all of Washington State

Marie Bjornson is a Mortgage Banker in Bellingham, WA. Her team provides Home Loans for Bellingham Real Estate throughout Whatcom County, and all of Washington State.

Our job is to help you gain the house you love – with financing you can afford. As an experienced, licensed mortgage banker and CPA, I know how to simplify the maze of real estate rates, fees, and tax deductions that complicate buying a home. I streamline the process for you, making sure you’re set up in the program that’s best for you, and closing the loan on time.

My business is 99% referral-based-which means I make my clients happy! Former clients report they are delighted with the results of their loan experience and refer me to their friends and family. See my client testimonials.

For Pre-Qualification or Consultation, call (360) 676-9600 or 1-866-733-9600.
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Visit our office at 112 Prospect St. across from the Whatcom Museum
Open weekdays 9:30am to 5:00pm

Whatcom Museum 

We Specialize In:

  • Obtaining the most ideal loans for the client out of a wide pool of wholesale banks and lenders, at no extra charge.
  • Ensuring loans are “locked” in a timely manner, avoiding higher interest rates.
  • Obtaining successful financing so that the client does not risk losing a house due to last-minute loss of financing (a common occurrence).
  • Obtaining the most ideal program for the client, which takes advantage of tax benefits and the best interest rates.
  • Can do a credit evaluation, in order to optimize future scores.


Advantages of Owning Your Own Home:

  • Great tax deductions for property taxes, insurance, and mortgage interest
  • Excellent investment for the future and retirement
  • Personal pride from owning your own home
  • Your hard-earned money contributes toward an appreciating asset, rather than being wasted on rent


Loan Programs:

Conventional and FHA Home Loans, VA Home Loans, USDA Home Loans, First -time Homebuyers, Investor Loans.

Washington State: Purchase ~ Refinance

Obtaining a real estate loan can be confusing. What paperwork do you need to file? How can you get the best rate with the lowest fees? How can you afford the home you want?

It’s time we took care of you.

What People are Saying

Helpful and Hardworking

Marie Bjornson was very professional, thorough and detail oriented. She consistently provided excellent service to our family. Her customer service was outstanding as she routinely kept us updated on progress as she educated us on the numerous steps involved in loan qualification procedures. We felt she was fair, honest, thorough and direct. These qualities were exactly what we needed. She did an outstanding job at every juncture. We highly recommend her. Overall, she was extremely helpful and hardworking.

-Jeff and Martha S.

Bellingham, WA

Diplomatic and Focused

Thanks again for all your diligence. You have a unique blend of diplomacy and focus and you definitely got out your “push down” on all the problems in this short sale. May your next financing be routine! I hope you enjoy your well deserved vacation in the Grand Canyon area.


Bellingham, WA

Didn’t Think I Could Ever Buy A House Again

When I first contacted Marie, I didn’t really know if she could help. I was a recently divorced single Mom, had been having such a hard time keeping up with my payments afterwards, I had to sell my home and file bankruptcy. My credit was so damaged that when I tried to buy another house I was turned down by my bank. I was desperately hoping Marie could give me some help with my problems!
I was very skeptical, but Marie came through for me in a big way and wiped out my skepticism. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to buy a house again, because of my credit. First Marie researched my finances and straightened out my credit issues so that I could qualify. Then she not only helped me to buy a new home for my daughter and me but made it possible to do with no money down! She got over all the hurdles, worked on my behalf and made it all simple for me.
Even after buying my home, Marie kept on working on my credit and got my scores to jump up by 90 points! She then got me qualified to get rid of my mortgage insurance and lower my house payment by $259 a month. On top of that, I received additional $6,254 in cash to pay off some bills and put towards a better, safer car for us. I was even able to start a nice little nest egg!
God Bless You, Marie! You are so amazing, so passionate about your work, and I am so glad!
Thank you for giving me a fresh start!

-Lorraine Peterson

Social Worker, Bellingham, WA