Marie Bjornson, CPA, Mortgage Banker | NMLS#111765 |  Located in Bellingham, WA  across from the Old Whatcom Museum. Servicing all of Washington State

Marie Bjornson is a Mortgage Banker in Bellingham, WA. Her team provides Home Loans for Bellingham Real Estate throughout Whatcom County, and all of Washington State.

Our job is to help you gain the house you love – with financing you can afford. As an experienced, licensed mortgage banker and CPA, I know how to simplify the maze of real estate rates, fees, and tax deductions that complicate buying a home. I streamline the process for you, making sure you’re set up in the program that’s best for you, and closing the loan on time.

My business is 99% referral-based-which means I make my clients happy! Former clients report they are delighted with the results of their loan experience and refer me to their friends and family. See my client testimonials.

For Pre-Qualification or Consultation, call (360) 676-9600 or 1-866-733-9600.
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Visit our office at 112 Prospect St. across from the Whatcom Museum
Open weekdays 9:30am to 5:00pm

Whatcom Museum 

We Specialize In:

  • Obtaining the most ideal loans for the client out of a wide pool of wholesale banks and lenders, at no extra charge.
  • Ensuring loans are “locked” in a timely manner, avoiding higher interest rates.
  • Obtaining successful financing so that the client does not risk losing a house due to last-minute loss of financing (a common occurrence).
  • Obtaining the most ideal program for the client, which takes advantage of tax benefits and the best interest rates.
  • Can do a credit evaluation, in order to optimize future scores.


Advantages of Owning Your Own Home:

  • Great tax deductions for property taxes, insurance, and mortgage interest
  • Excellent investment for the future and retirement
  • Personal pride from owning your own home
  • Your hard-earned money contributes toward an appreciating asset, rather than being wasted on rent


Loan Programs:

Conventional and FHA Home Loans, VA Home Loans, USDA Home Loans, First -time Homebuyers, Investor Loans.

Washington State: Purchase ~ Refinance

Obtaining a real estate loan can be confusing. What paperwork do you need to file? How can you get the best rate with the lowest fees? How can you afford the home you want?

It’s time we took care of you.

What People are Saying

There for Us Through the Years

Marie Bjornson not only assisted us with our intitial home purchase, she continued to montior market conditions on our behalf after our purchase. When the market conditions were favorable, Marie notified us of the advatages that were available to us which we were quickly able to obtain with the quailty service provided by Marie and her team. They were there for us at the beginning and remained there for us through the years. It was a positive and plesant experience both times.

-J Meyers, Ferndale, WA

Ferndale, WA

Pleasure to Work With!

Marie has been a pleasure to work with! Customer Service from her and her staff is more than I could ask for! Her commitment to providing the best service available for her clients shines!

-Tracie G.

Bellingham, WA

Made the Refinancing Experience Easy

It was an absolute pleasure working with Marie Bjornson. She is smart and responsive and made the whole refinancing experience easy. I’ve always worked with banks in the past, and this was infinitely more pleasant! Another plus was having access to local appraisers (as opposed to out of town folks who you might get when working with a bank). These appraisers knew our neighborhood and valued our house very fairly.

-Cathy A.

Bellingham, WA