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The Bjornson Team

Realtor Partners

When you lender and your realtor

work as team,


Our Realtor Partners

Have Made These

Commitments To You

  • Actively help you find the right home.
    • Our Realtor Partners are committed to understanding what you want in a home and researching the MLS to find you the right fit, and physically get you out there instead of relying on online shopping…
  • Research to strengthen your negotiating position
    • Our Realtor Partners are prepared and knowledgeable and will have the information and skillset you need to win that offer at the right price.
  • Promptly show you homes and respond to your questions.
    • Our Realtor Partners commit to getting you out there quickly, return your calls promptly and stay connected with you throughout the whole process.
  • Coordinate with us to serve you better
    • Our Realtor Partners coordinate with us so we’re all on the same page.

Here’s What We & Our Realtor Partners Can Do For You

As lenders, we’re involved in more real estate transactions in a month than most Realtors see in a year. Our Realtor Partners see the value in utilizing our experience to help them find you the right home and make sure you have a solid negotiating strategy.

The key here is communication and collaboration between you, your Realtor, and your lender, so that we’re all pulling in the same direction – for your benefit. Call us today – we’ll help you find an agent who will be a perfect match!

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