Required Documents Needed For Mortgage Financing

Remember, the sooner you provide your documentation, the faster it can be submitted to
underwriting and we can give you your pre-approval.

If you are submitting a document that is in .jpg or .pdf format, please give each document a file name that describes what it is.

1. Pay Stubs – most recent 30 days
If you are paid bi-weekly, we’ll need 3 pay stubs. We may ask for updated pay stubs before closing.

2. Checking & Savings Statements – most recent 2 months
We need all the pages even if they are blank. If your statement says page 1 of 7, that means we need ALL 7 pages. Make sure they include the bank name, your name, part of the account number and balance.

  • If you are getting them online, make sure they include all of the above, plus they have the URL listed to show it was from the internet. If you are getting them from your bank branch, then make sure all of the above applies and the teller gives you a teller stamp and initials or signs the pages.
  • Provide a copy of all non-payroll deposits over $1000 that show on your bank statement and provide a signed written letter of explanation of where and why the deposit came from for each deposit.

3. Last two years W2’s and/or 1099’s

4. Tax Returns
Last two years federal tax returns, all pages, all schedules, no state returns. (We know – there may be a lot of pages, but we do need them all). ONLY if Self-Employed or have Rental Property income.

5. 401k or other Retirement Statements – most current
Two months’ statements or Quarterly statement, depending on how they are available – all pages

6. Money Market or Investment Accounts – most current 2 months
Again, we will need ALL pages of the statements.

7. Copy of Driver’s License – please scan or if you have to copy increase the copy size by 150% for clarity. Fax is less preferred, if you can only fax, make sure it is on a very light setting so we can see your picture on the other end.

6. Name and number to your homeowners insurance company.
Let us know if you would like a referral of a local agent that other clients have liked.

7. If you are purchasing a home:

  • Copy of your earnest money check after it clears the bank (front and back) and an updated bank statement showing it clearing your account and what your new balance is, please follow #2 so they are correct.
  • Copy of the purchase contract signed by all parties.

And if any of the below apply, additional documents may be needed:
Social Security Income, Disability, or Retirement
You will need to provide a recent award letter, showing the amount you are paid monthly.

Bankruptcy in the last 10 years
Bankruptcy discharge paperwork will be required.
If you can’t find them let us know and we can often get them for you but it usually takes us longer than if you have them.

Copy of your divorce decree.
This is to ensure that you have no financial obligation to pay child support, alimony or other financial obligation.

Self Employed
K-1s (last two years) for all businesses listed on tax returns
If you own more than 20% of any business
Business tax returns for those businesses will be required.

Current P&L – from beginning of the year to current
Profit & loss statement may be required. We will let you know if we need it.

Sold Your Old Home
Closing statement (HUD -1 form) from the sale of that home.
If you are closing on your new home at the same time as you are closing on the sale of your old home, this will help us coordinate obtaining the settlement statement so your new home purchase is not held up.