It’s Easier Now for a Doctor, Dentist, or Medical
Professional to Get Mortgage Financing!

Physicians (and other medical & dental professionals) who want to buy a home have more options now than they have ever had. Many lenders have started offering “Physician Loans” or “Doctor Loans” that make it easier for medical professionals to get mortgage financing.

Why? Because the data show that medical professionals tend to be very good credit risks, even though a lot of them start out poor and owing lots of money in m student loan debt.

For example, physician loans may be able to get these advantages from the lender:

  • Down Payment: Have a 5% or lower down payment and not have to pay private mortgage insurance. (That alone can save you thousands over
    the next 5-10 years you’re in your home.)
  • Move in Before Your New Job Starts: Close on your new home up to 90 days before your employment contract begins. That gives you time to
    move and settle in a bit before you start your job *
  • Less Paperwork: If you own your practice, work as an independent contractor, or you’re in a partnership being paid a K-1, for mortgage lending purposes, that makes you a self-employed borrower and the rules say you need 2 years tax returns. But as a physician mortgage lender, we’re often able to give doctors a little more flexibility and may be able to reduce the amount of documentation you need to supply.
  • Get Jumbo loan financing with less than 20% down payment.

 What Dr. Carr says about the Bjornson Mortgage Team

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*For example, if you are leaving a job in California, have a new job starting in Washington state, and you want to close on a new home before you start your new job, you will need to use your employment agreement or offer letter to qualify. No bank anywhere will allow you to use your current California employment income to qualify for a primary residence in Washington.

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